We sell ReFoam kits for many brands of speaker, including odd sizes such as JBL, Bose, etc.
From just 13.50 per pair! + post and packing.

Trying where possible to replicate the original surround quality.

Fitting an incorrect surround can destroy a drive units natural qualities, loosing 'punch', 'depth' and frequency response.

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Cerwin Vega 10 inch Kit Cerwin Vega 8 inch Kit

Parts - All you require is supplied in the kit

Tools - you will require a very sharp modeling type knife with new blade.

Below are a few of the steps needed to carry out the process on an Acoustic Research 8 inch.

Remove from cabinet Three. Remove gasket
Remove old foam Apply adhesive to surround Apply adhesive to cone
Reattach outer Reattach gasket As good as new
  April 13, 2009